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Divorce Settlement Form E Error

You may have heard on the news that couples who have divorced and settled their finances should check the settlement because of a government divorce form error.


It is estimated that there are 120,000 divorces in England and Wales each year but not all couples who in the last 20 months have divorced will be affected, but it is important that people should check.


The error has been discovered in the Ministry of Justice’s form E which is used in England and Wales as detailed documentation of each party’s finances. The form has an automatic calculation to add up all assets and deduct liabilities but some forms have left the debts out of the calculation of assets, which could give a skewed outcome of what each party is worth.


Clients are therefore advised to review their form E to see what version they have. If it is the Ministry of Justice version, then it may be worth checking the calculations.


Thereafter it is advisable for clients to check their partners form E and then to contact NGA Solicitors for assistance.


If the mistake is substantial, it could mean that those clients who have settled their finances in the last 20 months might have to consider re opening negotiations.


Those who believe they may have been affected by this error are being asked to also e mail the ministry of justice to identify cases where this may have happened and had an impact.


Anyone concerned to check their own proceedings should contact or Paul Montgomery of NGA Solicitors who would be willing to assist further


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