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Caught Speeding?

A recent case that Our Geoffrey Ireland, Partner and head of the Criminal Department, has dealt with in court illustrates the benefit of having professional advice and legal representation in court when it comes to motoring offences.

This case involved a young client who had been caught speeding, travelling at almost double the speed limit in a 30mph zone. The guideline sentence for a driver travelling between 51 and 60 mph is to disqualify for between 7 and 56 days or impose 6 penalty points ( as well as a substantial fine ).

Either of these courses of action would have spelt disaster for this particular client.

His employers were located on 4 separate sites and he worked highly unsociable hours. As he was required to travel between the 4 sites which were all located in different towns in the North West and that travelling was often in the early hours of the morning,using public transport was completely out of the question. His license was therefore vital to his continued employment. Being disqualified would have meant instant dismissal but even 6 points on his license would have also spelt disaster. He had only passed his driving test just over 12 months before his court appearance and therefore the imposition of 6 penalty points on his driving license would have meant the DVLA at Swansea would have immediately revoked his full license status and he would have reverted to provisional. Again that would have meant instant dismissal.

Geoffrey was successfully able to argue the point and the magistrates deviated from the guideline sentence and imposed 5 penalty points thereby enabling his client to continue to drive.

Clients who find themselves facing motoring offences will be well advised to initially seek our advice and usually in this type of case although we charge out our time on an hourly basis, we are usually prepared to consider a fixed fee by negotiation.


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