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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Law NGA Solicitors

Our dedicated Criminal team has vast experience in all aspects of Criminal Law.

We provide representation from the initial arrest or summons through to the completion of the matter. Our experienced team can provide representation in all areas of criminal law, from minor offences at the Magistrates Court to serious offences heard at the Crown Court.

Our expert solicitors in our criminal department are Police Station Accredited which allows us to represent clients at the police station and a team member holds Higher Rights of Audience which allows him to represent clients at both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. This can be particularly beneficial as it means that he will have been involved at every step of the proceedings and be fully aware of all aspects of the case.

Criminal proceedings are not necessarily limited to prosecutions brought by the police.  On occasions we are asked to advise upon privately prosecuted matters.  Examples of privately prosecuted matters are Defendants before the court for non-payment of Council Tax where their liberty is in jeopardy, benefit fraud brought by both the Department of Work and Pensions and the Borough Councils and other private prosecutions including environmental Health and Trading Standards.  We are available to attend with clients at the interview when these offences are being investigated and also attend at court when these cases are prosecuted.

Legal Aid can be available for these types of cases in the appropriate circumstances.

We can provide assistance 24 hours per day at the Police Station. Please do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day on 07866 458396 for advice and representation. 

At NGA Solicitors we are aware that criminal law matters can be very worrying and intimidating for people and it is important to have an experienced Solicitor present to provide the necessary advice, representation and support during these difficult times. Our Solicitors have vast experience and success in criminal law matters and will ensure your rights are protected throughout the matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Solicitors at our offices in Burnley and Colne to discuss any criminal matter you are involved in.

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