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Children Matters

Children Matters

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One of the biggest worries is likely to be about the effect of the separation or divorce on the children including where the children will live, with whom and how they will continue to have contact with the absent parent.

Nothing changes in divorce or separation with regard to parental rights over children. It is the practical arrangements that are most affected. A considerate and constructive approach to arrangements help children to feel cared for and considered in the new arrangement where parents are divorcing.

We set out below some guidance as to what should be considered when arranging to tell your children about your separation:-

  • Both parents should be together to discuss the arrangements for the children rather than have separate discussions with them. This only creates suspicion and acrimony.
  • Agree what you will say to your children beforehand.
  • Try and understand the situation from the children’s point of view and avoid blame and support the idea that the children should love both parents equally.
  • Advise children their day to day lives might change including concerns as to how they will see each parent and where they will live.
  • Tell the children that you both understand this will be very difficult and upsetting for them but they can ask questions at any time of you both and talk about how they feel.
  • Keep discussions straight forward and age appropriate.
  • Our Mediation service can be invaluable in reaching a solution, click here for more details.
  • If any further advice is required about children matters other than through a Solicitor please  contact

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