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NGA Solicitors Family Services Collaboration

The collaborative family law process allows collaboratively trained lawyers for each party to meet together with their client to work out issues such as children, finances, etc. This reduces the need to have long winded, at length letters written by two firms of Solicitors which can sometimes exacerbate the situation.

The lawyer remains side by side with the client throughout the process and both the client and the lawyer are committed to resolving issues without the matter going to court. Collaboration is very challenging for both the client and the lawyer but allows the best solution for your particular situation to be obtained and implemented rather than having a decision imposed on both of you by the courts involving thousand of pounds and many month of heartache.

Both the couple as well as their legal advisors have to have a genuine desire to make the process work. A willingness to disclose in a transparent way all information about their assets is crucial. Collaboration also includes the preparation and agreement which will be approved by a court without the necessity of going to court.

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