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Financial Matters

Financial Matters

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Often a major concern is what will happen to the family home, where will the children live and how much money you will have to pay out or have to live on.

The law in England and Wales is based on the discretionary decision of Judges which is rather like a lottery and frightening to most clients. We believe with our experience and skills NGA can offer informed advice and an idea of the best case and the worst case scenario that you could be facing and put together for you with your input a tailor made solution leading to a settlement.

As well as advising on court process for financial claims we also urge couples to think about saving money and costs by entering into a process such as family mediation or collaborative family law, areas in which we have qualified lawyers who are experts in these areas. It is not always a question of having to go to court and spend thousand of pounds on Barristers and Lawyers to get a fair outcome. If we do not know the answer to a question we know an expert who will be able to help you as we have a network of advisors including independent financial advisors, pension experts and mortgage consultants.

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