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Mediation Service

Mediation Service

Mediation helps by reducing tensions, making informed decisions that are right for your family, keeping communication open and saves the cost of expensive court litigation. Mediation service helps children by showing parents working together to resolve their differences.

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NGA’s Mediation service is special in that the in-house Mediator is also a qualified Solicitor and understands the law as well as being trained in mediation skills.

Mediation service takes place in an informal setting and all meetings are confidential. We give impartial guidance to help you understand what matters to you, explore all the options available and help you both make choices about the best way forward. We will help you to communicate effectively and reach practical and sensible solutions which are fair for both you and the family.

Our mediation service will assist in keeping the focus on the issues that both of you want to resolve and will help to reduce any conflict between you. Unlike contested court proceedings, which can aggravate hostility and incur high financial and emotional costs, the mediation process is designed to reduce conflict and maintain focus on relevant issues as well as keeping costs to a minimum. Mediation service doesn’t attribute blame, take sides or try to force a reconciliation; it simply provides a setting for you to communicate more effectively and address your problems with the ultimate aim of moving forward with your lives.

We normally average three to four meetings per case for one to two hour sessions. You can also consult your own legal advisor at any time to take advice on your own behalf.

At NGA we also offer Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (or MIAMs). Anyone wishing to make a court application must, unless there are exceptional circumstances, attend a MIAM. This is an initial meeting with a qualified Mediator who will determine whether mediation is likely to be helpful to your case. These meetings typically last around 30 minutes.

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