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Accident Abroad

Accident Abroad

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It is possible to claim compensation for injuries which happened in an accident abroad.

If a holiday is booked as a package with a UK based travel operator then it may be possible to pursue a claim against the travel operator.

Generally a package must contain at least one of the following:-

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Excursions

If you involved in a road traffic accident resulting in injuries within the European Union it may still be possible a claim against the insurance company of the other vehicle involved.

Should you be involved in an accident abroad that wasn’t booked as a package or a Road Traffic Accident outside of the European Union it may still be possible to pursue an injury claim but the claim would have to be pursued in the county that the accident occurred in.

As with all personal injury claims it is important that an accident abroad is reported, either to the police or to the landowner/operator and that evidence is gathered. If the accident is reported you should be provided with a copy of the accident report form. Due to the locations that some accidents will occur it may not be possible to obtain evidence when you return home so it is vital that evidence it collected, such as photographs and witness statements at the time of the accident.

Not only can compensation can be claimed for the physical injuries which you have suffered but it may be possible to claim for a contribution towards the cost of the holiday if the accident has ruined your enjoyment of the holiday. When travelling abroad health care and medical treatment can be costly and we will aim to recover all of your out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

If you have suffered injury following an accident abroad please contact us now to discuss your holiday compensation claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and we will help you claim the maximum compensation that your claim deserves.

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