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Injury From Falling Objects

Injury From Falling Objects

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Many people are exposed to the risk of suffering an injury from falling objects every day, often without even knowing it.

Construction sites are one of the most common locations for falling objects and employers should provide employees and visitors to the site with a hard hat or other suitable protection should they be hit and suffer an in jury from falling objects.

However as many construction sites are located in busy urban areas, members of the public can be at risk of being hit and suffering an injury from falling objects when walking in the area of the site. If the site owners haven’t taken reasonable steps to create a defined boundary to the site or put in place other suitable measures to reduce the risk to the public of being hit by falling objects than they may negligent and therefore responsible for your injuries.

Any falling object can result in injuries being suffered. Many other workplaces where objects are located above head height, such as warehouses, often result in employees suffering an injury from falling objects.

The general public can suffer injuries in supermarkets or department stores if they have to reach for items which are stacked too high or when displays aren’t put up safely.

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