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Faulty Machinery

Faulty Machinery

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During the course of their employment many people are required to use machinery on a daily basis. The machinery can range vastly in size, type and purpose but the same risks exist if the machinery is faulty, poorly maintained or used incorrectly.

An employer has a duty to all employees to provide equipment with is fit for purpose and safe to use, if an employer fails in that duty and you suffer injuries because of that breach of duty then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

One common risk that results in employees suffering injuries is the lack of guards on machinery. If a machine or piece of equipment has moving parts then it is generally required to have guards in place to prevent body parts coming into contact with the moving parts. Due to the heavy duty nature and speed of which many machines operate, workers can suffer severe injuries should body parts come into contact or become trapped inside the machines.

Accidents with machinery can occur is employees haven’t been sufficiently trained on how to operate the machine safely or if they are unaware where the emergency stop button is.

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