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Manual Handling Injuries

Manual Handling Injuries

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Some form of manual handling is required in most professions on a daily basis. Therefore employers are required to reduce the risk of employees suffering from manual handling injuries by reducing the need to undertake manual handling as much as possible and by also reducing the stress upon employee’s bodies where manual handling is inevitable.

One important factor that reduces the risk of employees suffering manual handling injuries is undertaking regular training programmes which instruct an employee how to lift items properly.

Other factors which can reduce the risk of suffering injuries are reducing the weight of the items, using lifting machinery where possible and allowing regular breaks.

If your employer has failed to assess risks properly and you have suffered a manual handling injury then you may be entitled to compensation.

It is important to seek advice as soon as possible so that any recommended treatment can be arranged which should increase the rate of recovery.  Our solicitors have links with expert treatment providers and we can arrange treatment sessions on short notice if required.

If you have suffered a manual handling injury due the negligence of another party, contact us now and our team will commence a claim for compensation on a “no win no fee basis”.

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