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Motorcyclist & Cyclist Accident Compensation Claims

Motorcyclist & Cyclist Accident Compensation Claims

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As most Motorcyclists and Cyclist know too well, they can be involved in many types of accidents on the road. Accidents often occur as a result of other road users not paying attention or failing to keep a proper lookout for motorbikes and bikes.

Accidents can occur due to poorly maintained roads and highways, potholes can form which aren’t clearly visible or distinguishable from the remainder of the road surface and although the potholes may not cause much of a hazard to other road users they can be extremely hazardous to those on two wheels.

Animals and pets can also cause serious accident if they run into the road without warning as even the most vigilant rider may not be able to avoid a collision.

Due to the multiple ways in which Motorcyclist and Cyclist Accidents can occur on the road it is important to receive expert advice as the process for pursuing the claims can differ dramatically. NGA Solicitors are experts in pursuing Motorcyclists and Cyclists Accident Compensation Claims as our team completely understands and appreciates the nature of the claims process which is vital to ensuring that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that your claims warrants.

All Motorcyclists and Cyclists should wear the recommended protective equipment and wear clearly visible reflective clothing to reduce the risk of accidents occurring and reduce the severity of the injuries suffered.

If a claim is successful our solicitors will obtain compensation to cover the physical injuries you have suffered and nay out of pocket expenses which included repair or replacement costs of the bike and equipment.

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