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Occupiers Liability

Occupiers Liability

Occupiers liabitly housing disrepair NGA Solicitors

An occupier of a property can be held liable for injury and loss when some kind of harm has occurred to an individual on land over which they have control.

An occupier’s duty of care extends to someone who has been invited onto the premises, i.e. lawful visitors and can also extend to trespassers’.

Examples of an occupier’s breach of duty are too numerous to set out here but can include the following:-

  • Potholes on a private car park that may cause an individual to trip or fall causing injury and loss
  • Slipping/tripping in premises or on land
  • Injuries involving defects on land, e.g. broken drain covers.
  • Injuries that may be sustained at activity centres/leisure parks
  • Accidents on stairs in premises to include for example offices, shops and railway premises.

The duty of care does cover professional visitors to premises such as tradesman although they are expected to exercise a sufficient level of skill which a suitably qualified person of their profession would have.

As we know children are less careful than adults and occupiers of a property are expected to take this into account, particularly when the land or premises contains something which could be considered an allurement to children.

As with all personal injury compensation claims evidence gathering is important as a Claimant has to prove their claim on balance of probabilities in order to succeed. Any evidence that can be collected from the scene of the accident is important, for example photographs, receipts to prove an individual was present on the date in question and logging the accident in an accident book/reporting the accident to someone on site at the time.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries following an accident and you believe that an occupier of a property/land might be liable please contact our specialist personal injury accident lawyers at our offices in Burnley and Colne, Lancashire to discuss making a claim on a No Win No Fee basis. 

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