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Passenger Claims

Passenger Claims


Passenger Claims

It is possible to claim compensation if you were a passenger in the vehicle which was involved in an accident on the road. Whether it may be as a passenger on public transport or a passenger in a car, van or taxi you are still at risk at suffering injuries if your vehicle is involved in an accident.

It is also possible to claim compensation against the driver of the vehicle in which you were travelling in if they were negligent and are held responsible for the accident happening.

Injuries suffered by passengers in road traffic accidents range from relatively minor whiplash claims where symptoms resolve within a few months to much more serious injuries involving broken bones and catastrophic injuries which can affect all aspects of a victims life.

Passengers are always reminded to travel safely and should always wear a seat belt. To further reduce the risk of accidents happening passengers should not distract the driver and should also make sure that the driver is in a fit condition to drive and not be driving after having consumed alcohol or drugs.  If a passenger is found to have contributed to the accident happening of the injuries that they have suffered a claim can still be successful but the compensation may be reduced by a percentage to reflect the passenger’s negative contribution. All cases will be assessed on their individual merits and our expert lawyers will do everything to ensure the maximum amount of compensation is obtained.

Please contact one of our experienced accident claims Solicitors based in Burnley and Colne if you have been injured as a Passenger in an accident on the road to commence your personal injury claim today. Passenger injury claims can generally be pursued on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

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