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Pedestrian Claims

Pedestrian Claims

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Any accident on the road can result in serious injury but it is often accidents involving a vehicle and a pedestrian which result in more serious injuries and this is why the Highway Code gives pedestrians priority when crossing roads.

All road users are under a duty of care to fellow road users and should another road user fail in this duty to you and you suffer injury as a result of their breach of duty then you may be entitled to claim compensation for the injuries and financial losses suffered.

As with all injury claims, there is often a serious financial impact suffered by the injured person if their injuries have prevented them in being able to work. Should the other party be deemed responsible for the accident our expert solicitors will not only obtain compensation for the physical injuries which you have suffered but will also recover any financial losses which you may incur.

Provisions can also be made to ensure that any future financial losses are compensated for before they are incurred, examples of which are any future loss of earnings or any costs of future care which may be required. Our expert lawyers have excellent links with private treatment providers and will arrange suitable treatment if it will assist with recovery rather than waiting for an NHS referral.

We can offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement to pursue Pedestrian claims for compensation on your behalf and we will fight to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that your pedestrian claims deserves. We aim to be as flexible as possible and will happily discuss your accident claim at a time that is convenient with you and we will always visit you at your home, or in hospital, if you are unable to attend at our offices in Burnley and Colne.

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