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Slips and Trips at Work

Slips and Trips at Work

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Many accidents which result in widespread problems can occur in the workplace due to small, avoidable actions.

An employer is under a duty to ensure that all walkways and travel routes are free from obstruction. Many workers are required to carry items around the workplace and when doing so they may not see a small object which has been left on the floor and this may cause them to trip and fall and suffer avoidable injuries. By failing to ensure that a walkway is clear from obstructions an employer may have acted negligently, and if that negligence has caused you to suffer injuries then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Liquids and other substances are used throughout many workplaces, however should a liquid be split on the floor it presents as a slipping hazard. All employers are under a duty to prevent employees being at risk of injury and must ensure that if a liquid is spilled it is identified and warning signs are put in place to draw attention to the hazard. If you have slipped on a liquid which has not be cleaned up then you may be entitled to seek compensation for the injuries suffered.

Furthermore, employers are under a legal duty to ensure that fellow employees are competent, if an employee failed to notify the correct person of a spillage and that caused an accident which could have been prevented then your employer may be liable for your injuries.

It is good practice for employers to have procedures in place so that once a spillage has been identified it can be cleaned up safely and quickly. Other good practices are to ensure that regular checks of all working areas are made to ensure that they too are free from hazards.

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