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Snow and Ice Accidents

Snow and Ice Accidents

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Adverse weather such as snow and ice is often responsible for an increased amount of accidents, many of which could be avoided if those responsible acted with more care.

Snow and ice can dramatically reduce road conditions and road users should be even more careful when driving in these conditions. Just because the roads conditions worsen does not mean that a driver no longer has a duty of care to other road users.

Drivers must take into account the decrease in visibility and the increased stopping distances and react accordingly, if they don’t however react and they cause an accident which has resulted in you suffering injuries then you may be entitled to claim compensation for those injuries and losses suffered.

Private land owners and occupiers are also under a duty of care to ensure that lawful visitors to their land, such as employees and customers are not exposed to harm and they must make reasonable steps to ensure that pathways are clear from snow and ice. If they do not take adequate steps and you suffer injuries following a fall then they may have acted negligently and you may be entitled to claim damages.

It is important to act quickly if you have been involved in an accident due to snow or ice to ensure that evidence can be gathered and recorded before it melts away.

Accidents as a result of snow and ice occurring on public roads and highways are not always the responsibility of the council if they have taken reasonable steps to clear or prevent the snow or ice from the roads and highways. This is mainly due to the massive amounts of roads and highways which the council are responsible for. These claims need to be individually assessed and we would urge you to contact our expert team to discuss the merits of the claim further.

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