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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

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It is widely accepted that injuries are common place when taking part in sport and that many injuries are purely accidental, in such circumstances a claim for compensation is unlikely to be successful.

However in certain circumstances it is possible to claim compensation for injuries suffered whilst participating in sport. If a tackle exceeds what is widely accepted as reasonable and is clearly outside the rules of the game by being overly aggressive, late or forceful and that has result in you suffering injuries then you may be entitled to compensation.

Other scenarios where injury claims are successful are where participants are required to use sub-standard equipment or where officials or organisers or stewards have acted negligently. Likewise if the playing surface isn’t fit for purpose you may be able to claim damages.

Many sporting injuries take several months or even years to recover which can result in time off work and loss of earnings. If you have suffered injuries whilst playing sport due to the negligence of another person or organisation then you may be entitled to claim compensation for the physical injuries suffered and any other financial losses incurred.

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