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The importance of making a will cannot be underestimated to ensure that your wishes are carried out and loved ones are catered for. Our solicitors have the knowledge and experience to properly advise you in every aspect before drafting your will.

By making a will you are creating a formal legal document which sets out who will benefit from your will and how the benefits will be managed.

Should you die without making a will; assets will be divided in accordance with the strict, complex Intestacy Rules. Making a will is the most appropriate way to ensure that your wishes are followed.

People’s wishes and circumstances change regularly and it is important to regularly update your will should your wishes change to ensure that they are followed.

Furthermore certain legal arrangements such as divorce and marriage can impact upon your will and it is important to ensure that you are fully aware of the law in this area and the impact that is seen upon your will.

NGA Solicitors can advise you on every aspect of making or amending a will and as with all our practices and areas, enquires are made in the strictest confidence.

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