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Redundancy Advice

Redundancy Advice

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Redundancy can be a very worrying time for individuals with the associated financial considerations.

Redundancy can also be complex and it is important to seek legal redundancy advice if you have been made redundant to ensure that the redundancy package is fair and reasonable.

Factors including, age, length of service and salary are important considerations when assessing the fairness of a redundancy package. NGA Solicitors will fully assess your employment situation and any redundancy package offered to ensure that the package is fair and that your rights are fully protected.

Our experienced Solicitors based in Burnley and Colne can offer advice on whether the redundancy is fair. An employer is under a duty to consider other options such as relocation and redeployment, if your employer has failed to consider the other options available then the redundancy may be unfair and you may have remedies available to you.

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